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A Look at Some of the Most Common Types of Car Collision Damages

Just about all Americans have experienced a car collision or know someone who has, but the actual experience and the collision repair that is needed afterwards will vary from case to case. Fender benders tend to be on the milder side, while pileups can be extremely dangerous. Single-car accidents can go either way, depending on the circumstances of the collision.

Fender Benders

Certain types of car collisions are much more common than others, and the good news is that the more common ones are less dangerous. Fender benders fall into this category, and while that’s not to say that they can’t be dangerous, they’re typically less threatening than other types of collisions. This kind of accident happens when you roll into the back of another person’s car or when someone backs into yours. Whether you rear end someone else or someone rear ends you, you can expect to see the auto body shop about bumper repair.

Single-Car Accidents

Not all car accidents involve more than 1 vehicle. In the mildest cases, a shopping cart may roll across the parking lot and leave a ding in your car while you’re stopping for groceries. In more serious cases, a driver could lose control of the vehicle and crash into a street sign, pole, or tree. The larger the object that the car crashes into, the more potential there is for damage.


A car crash on a busy freeway is likely to involve multiple cars, and sometimes a pileup may occur. This is among the most dangerous type of car accident and leaves a lot of work for the professionals at your certified collision center. You might experience damage to any part of your car, from your headlights, to your tires, to the entire frame of your vehicle. In some cases, cars are declared totaled after being involved in pileups.

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