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Your Guide to the Collision Repair Process

Getting into a car accident can be scary, but your experience with the auto body repair shop shouldn’t be. It will start with an initial consultation and examination so you can get an estimate, and then you can set up an appointment and rent a car. Then the professionals will get to work. Read on for your guide to the collision repair process.

Examination and Estimate

The first step in the collision repair process is to get your vehicle to the auto body shop. Our towing partners will bring your car in, and our team of collision repair professionals will start taking a look at the damage. People are often pleased to find that it only takes about 10 to 15 minutes for us to assess the damage, and at that point we can offer you an estimate for the work to be done.

Appointment and Rental

You don’t necessarily need to make an appointment to bring your car in for an examination and an estimate, but you can take this time to make an appointment for your actual collision repair services. If you are happy with the estimate that your auto body professional offers you, then you can figure out when to bring your car back in for repair. Some collision repair shops partner with rental car companies, so you can ask your auto body expert for help getting set up.

Repair and Retrieval

When your car is in for collision repair, your mechanic will update you every step of the way. The team will be available to answer any questions that you might have, and they’ll let you know as soon as your vehicle is ready. Then you can come pick up your car whenever you find the time.

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