Signs That Your Brakes May Need Replacement

Brake disk

As you can imagine, the braking system is one of a car’s most important safety features. Unfortunately, brakes are not built to last for the life of the car; many parts wear down or become damaged and need to be replaced. And when your brakes go out you could be involved in a traumatic collision. If you ever notice any of these signs, it’s likely that your brakes need to be replaced:

Clearly Worn Brake Pads

Perform a visual brake inspection by looking in between the wheel spokes. You will see the outside pad pressed onto a metal rotor. You should see at least 1/4 inch of pad; if you see what could be less than that, visit a car repair shop right away.

Strange Noises

Modern braking systems come with a mechanism that produces a high-pitched screeching noise during braking if the brake pads need to be replaced. If you hear a grinding or growling noise, this means the pads are worn out and the rotors are at risk of being damaged. Any unusual noise that occurs during braking is a red flag that it’s time to visit the car repair shop.

Less Responsive Braking

Does the brake pedal sink to the floor before the car actually begins braking? This usually means that there is a leak in the braking system, a problem that is usually accompanied by a puddle of fluid under the car. If you experience this or a less-responsive brake pedal, schedule a brake inspection immediately.

Pulling to One Side during Braking

Cars that pull to one side during braking likely have unevenly worn brake linings or contaminated brake fluid. This can be fixed at an auto repair shop with a brake adjustment or a brake fluid flush.

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