• Beginning Your Automotive Repair Process at B & L Automotive Repairs

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    At B & L Automotive Repairs, we will ensure that you have a fantastic experience during every step of your auto repair service. Your automotive repair process at our shop will begin with an appointment with one of our customer service representatives. During this appointment, we will work closely with you to determine your auto body repair needs. After talking with you and your insurance company, we will provide you with a detailed estimate for your services. Once this estimate has been completed, we will be ready to begin the process of restoring and repairing the appearance of your vehicle.

    To start your automotive repair process at B & L Automotive Repairs, give our Chicago location a call at (773) 887-3448. We will ensure that you have a fantastic auto body repair experience when you bring your vehicle to our service center. Our team looks forward to assisting you with all of your auto body repair needs. 

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  • A Look at the Bumper Repair Process

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    A scratch or dent on your bumper can mar the overall appearance of your vehicle. While bumpers are designed to absorb impact, they can become damaged if they are hit with too much force. If your bumper has been damaged in an automotive collision, your body shop will be able to restore your vehicle to beautiful condition. With the proper steps and services, your bumper will look brand new when it leaves the body shop. Here is a quick overview of what you can expect from the bumper repair process.

    Removing the Bumper
    Typically, a car bumper is attached to the front fascia with screws, tabs, or bolts. The first step of repairing a bumper is to detach the bumper itself from the body of the vehicle. Your mechanic will be able to easily remove your bumper, without causing damage to other parts of your vehicle. After your bumper has been removed, it will be ready for the repair process.

    Identifying the Plastic
    The next step of repairing a bumper is to identity the type of plastic that it has been made from. Bumpers can be constructed from a variety of plastic materials, including polypropylene, polypheylene oxide, and thermoplastic elastomer. Once your mechanic has identified the material of your bumper, he will be able to choose the appropriate method of repairs.

    Filling the Damage
    To repair the bumper, your mechanic will fill the damaged area with a specially designed material. After the damaged area has been buffed and primed, the filer will be carefully placed in the dent or scratch. Once the filler has dried, it will be sanded and painted to perfection.

    When your bumper is in need of repairs, you can trust B & L Automotive Repairs to provide you with top quality services. We are proud to serve the Chicago area with top rated auto body repairs and collision repairs. To set up an appointment for your vehicle, call us at (773) 463-1622. 

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  • Auto Paint Matching Following a Car Collision

    A car collision can leave your car with unsightly damage that requires expert body work to be restored. Once the dents are repaired, the challenge is to find, mix, and blend the right paint to achieve a perfect color match. If you were recently in a car collision, read on to learn how auto paint matching works.  

    Professional car painting.

    The Elements of Paint
    Automotive paint  consists of three primary components: resin, solvent, and pigment. Resin determines the quality and durability of the paint and its application. Solvent creates the viscosity of the paint so that it can be applied effectively. And pigment is a powder consisting of toners or colors that combine to produce the finish.

    Find the Color Code and Order the Paint
    The original paint on your car was assigned a color code by the manufacturer. With your car’s model number and model year, an insurance approved collision repair shop can find your car’s color code online. In some cases it can be difficult to find an older car’s color code online; in this case, the collision repair shop will find it on the car’s identification plate. Once the car collision shop has determined your vehicle’s color code, they will order the paint. Sometimes this requires ordering several tones or paint colors.

    Paint Mixing
    The paint experts at the collision repair shop will need to mix together the paint until the exact color is produced. A good collision repair shop will always blend the color to achieve a perfect match. This is especially important if your vehicle is getting spot paint treatment, because even a small paint touch up gone wrong can stand out and reduce the value of your vehicle.

    If you need expert auto paint matching, contact B&L Automotive Repairs, the preferred insurance approved  collision repair shop in Chicago. Call us at (773) 463-1622 to speak with a friendly, ASE-certified technician, and check out our website to learn more about the collision repair and body work we offer.