• Understanding the Different Types of Auto Insurance

    If you are the owner of a vehicle, you are required to carry valid insurance at all times. In the event of a car collision, your auto insurance will cover the cost of collision repair. Body shops near Chicago will take many different types of insurance policies, so it is important to select a plan that covers multiple types of auto body services. Read on for a closer look at the different types of auto insurance.

    Liability Insurance

    Liability insurance is among the most common types of auto insurance. This type of insurance provides coverage in the event that you are at fault for an auto collision. With liability insurance, your policy will cover auto body repairs that are required for any vehicles that are involved in the incident. In addition, your liability insurance will provide full coverage for your vehicle.

    Collision Insurance

    In the event of a serious collision, your car may become totaled. A totaled car is a car that will cost more to repair than its total estimated value. If you total your car, you will want to make sure that you are covered by collision insurance. This type of insurance will pay you back for the value of your totaled car.

    Comprehensive Insurance

    For the best level of auto insurance coverage, you may want to choose a comprehensive insurance plan. This type of insurance will cover you against virtually any type of accident that may occur to your vehicle. For example, comprehensive insurance will cover collision repairs, as well as damage that is caused when your vehicle is parked.

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  • What Is the Right Body Shop for You?

    B&L Automotive Chicago | Auto Repair

    When it comes to collision repair, you will have your choice of many different body shops near Chicago. To ensure that you get the most out of your auto body services, it is essential to select an auto body shop that is fully suited to your needs. By doing your research and choosing a highly rated collision repair center, you can rest assured that your car is in expert hands. Here is a look at some factors to consider when choosing a new auto body repair shop.

    Research Reviews

    When you are choosing an auto body shop, it is a great idea to research reviews from members of your local community. If an auto body shop has received rave reviews from other customers, chances are that they will repair your vehicle with the best available services. Reviews can be found online, or can also come from word of mouth recommendations.

    Consider Facilities

    Car technology is continually evolving, and auto body shops must stay up to date on the latest materials and repair methods. When you are selecting an auto body shop, you may want to ask them about their certifications and repair facilities. A company that is committed to researching the latest auto body advancements is sure to provide you with great services.

    Ask for an Estimate

    To select the best auto body facility for your car, you may want to ask your potential body shop to provide you with a written estimate. This estimate will give you a better indication of the types of services that will be performed, as well as the total cost of repairs.

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  • Avoiding Sun Damage to Your Car

    The summer season has arrived, and now is a great time to make an appointment for car repair in Chicago. One of the most serious auto body maintenance concerns during the summer is sun damage to your car’s paint. There are several steps that you can take to protect your car from sun damage. For example, you should be sure to wash and wax your car on a routine basis. In addition, you can help reduce sun damage by parking your car in the shade whenever possible. Finally, auto paint supplies, such as protective film, can be used to create a UV protective barrier against the sun’s rays.

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