• Choosing a Collision Shop

    Buying a car is a significant financial investment. In order to protect the value and safety of your vehicle, you should be sure to schedule collision repair with reputable body shops in Chicago. When you are seeking auto body services near you, you will have several factors to consider. For example, you should make sure that your shop offers collision services that are ASE certified. For a closer look at how to choose a collision shop, check out this video from Lauren Fix.

    To schedule car collision repair in the Chicago area, contact B & L Automotive today by calling (773) 463-1633. Our technicians are fully certified to provide your vehicle with a complete range of top quality repairs. We look forward to assisting you with all of your auto body maintenance needs.

  • Waxing Your Car

    Many drivers are already aware that routine car washes are essential for auto body care, but fewer drivers know about the importance of waxing. Ask any auto paint shop in Chicago and they will say careful waxing is the best way to protect your car from elements that wear away at car paint jobs. Getting a professional wax service at an auto paint shop is recommended at least once per year.

    B & L Automotive Repair is an auto body shop that has offered auto paint services in the Chicago area since 1978. Visit our website or call us at (773) 463-1622 for more information about our services.

  • The Dangers of Ignoring a Dent on Your Car

    Dents and dings are an unfortunate fact of life for car owners. If you experience a car collision, it is important to bring your vehicle to the auto body shop, even if your vehicle only shows signs of a minor dent. With dent repair from body shops near Chicago, you can prevent the damage from spreading and causing major issues in your vehicle. To highlight the importance of proper auto body maintenance, here is a look at the dangers of ignoring a dent on your car.

    Hurt Cosmetic Appearance

    If you are like many car owners, chances are that you spend a significant part of your week behind the wheel of your car. When your car becomes dented or dinged, this minor flaw can seriously impact the cosmetic appearance of your car. By scheduling auto body repair right away after an accident, you can ensure that your car looks great as you drive.

    Allow Rust to Form

    Not only are dents and dings cosmetic concerns for car owners, a dent in your car could also pose a serious maintenance threat to your vehicle. When your car’s paint sealant becomes compromised, salt, dirt, and other contaminants could enter the sensitive inner areas of your car. As a result, rust can grow and spread, causing a serious maintenance issue.

    Decrease Resale Value

    In the event that you decide to sell your car at a future date, you should be sure that you repair any cosmetic damage to the exterior of your vehicle. If your car has dents, dings, or other forms of damage, your car may sell at a lower price. To get the best value from your sale, it is a great idea to schedule dent repair with your auto body specialist.

    At B & L Automotive Repair, our car collision repair experts can remove your dents and return your car to pristine cosmetic condition. When you book an appointment at our Chicago location, you can rest assured that you are receiving quality services at a great value. Call us at (773) 463-1633 to make an appointment for your car today.

  • Tips for Scheduling Collision Repairs

    Scheduling collision repair is among the most important steps that you will need to take following an accident. When your car is in need of dent repair or bumper repair, you may need to go through your insurance company to schedule your auto body services. To schedule collision repair, you can contact your insurance to see if they have preferred collision repair providers. Once you have selected the right auto body shop for your needs, your next step will be to ask for a collision repair estimate. With this estimate, you will be able to book your auto body repair with confidence.

    When you are seeking the best auto body services in Chicago, be sure to book an appointment at B & L Automotive Repair. As a leading car repair shop in the local area, we have the equipment and experience needed to repair your car to perfection. To hear more about our services, give us a call at (773) 463-1633.