• How to Avoid Winter Car Damage

    While salt and brine can prevent vehicles from slipping on the road in wintry conditions, they can also wreak havoc on cars. Unless you want to spend all spring visiting body shops to have repairs made to your vehicle, you should take the necessary steps to keep salt and brine from damaging your car.

    Watch this video to see how you can protect your vehicle from damage this winter. There are simple things you can do to the interior and exterior of your car in order to prevent salt and brine from building up and forcing you to call the autobody shop.

    Do you need an auto body repair shop in Chicago to repair rust damage sustained as a result of salt and brine? Call B & L Automotive Repairs, Inc. at (773) 463-1622 and find out why we are considered one of the best body shops in the area.

  • What Are the Most Common Car Paint Problems?

    Nothing beats the feeling of driving a brand new car home from the dealership. Over the miles and years of driving, however, chances are that your car will eventually require collision repair. When your car paint becomes damaged, an auto paint shop in Chicago will be able to assist you with all of your precision auto body needs. Let’s take a look at some of the most common causes of paint problems in cars.

    Etching or Staining

    Etching and staining are among the most frequent paint problems that are experienced by car owners. When a car’s paint becomes etched or stained, a discolored area may appear on the surface of the paint. These car paint problems are typically caused by contaminating substances, such as tree sap, bird droppings, and other materials. When a highly acidic or abrasive substance is left on your car paint for a long time, it can leave an etched stain behind.


    Cracking is another car paint problem that is commonly experienced by car owners. In the event that a car’s paint begins to crack, scales or lines may begin to form across the exterior of the car’s body. Often, paint cracking can be caused by an improper application of paint.


    Chipping is another cosmetic issue that you may notice on the surface of your paint. When your car paint begins to chip, the top protective layer may begin to flake off of the surface of your car. In many cases, paint chipping is caused by hard object that fly up from the roadway as you drive.

    If you have noticed that your car is experiencing paint problems, be sure to make an appointment at B & L Automotive Repair. We provide our satisfied customers throughout Chicago with a full range of auto body services, and our highly rated auto paint shop will be able to restore your car to beautiful condition. To make an appointment for your car today, give us a call at (773) 463-1622.

  • Taking a Look at the Different Types of Car Paint

    If you are ever involved in an automobile accident, you will need to have collision repair done to your vehicle. You will also need the help of an auto paint shop to repaint your car so that it looks like it did before the wreck took place. You can obtain car paint jobs near Chicago that will make your vehicle appear new again. Check out the different types of paint that will be available to you.

    Metallic Paint

    Giving your car a high-end look is possible when you use a premium metallic paint. Metallic paint can actually increase the value of your car because of the noticeable difference that it will make when it is used following collision repair. It can be difficult to match metallic paints, which means you may have trouble filling scratches in your car’s paint later. But you will be impressed with the way this paint looks on your vehicle.

    Acrylic Paint

    You don’t need to break the bank to repaint your car after a collision. Acrylic paints are inexpensive and easy to apply. That doesn’t mean that they won’t make your vehicle look great when they are used, though. Acrylic paints will give your vehicle a glossy appearance. No one will be able to tell that your automobile was involved in a car collision once acrylic paint is applied.

    Water-Based Paint

    Although water-based paints are still fairly new in the automotive industry and colors are limited, you may see a spike in auto body shops that use water-based auto paint supplies in the coming years. Water-based paints are very easy to apply and, while they are mainly used for adding graphics to vehicles right now, there is an opportunity for them to become more popular in the near future.

    B & L Automotive Repairs, Inc. is an auto paint shop that has experience with taking vehicles that have been involved in collisions and returning them to like-new condition. You can call us at (773) 463-1622 to find out more about the car paint jobs that we are able to do.

  • Tips for Preventing an Automotive Collision

    Unfortunately, it’s impossible to keep yourself 100 percent safe when you are behind the wheel of an automobile. If you spend enough time driving, there’s a good chance that you will be involved in a car accident at some point and need dent repair or collision repair. But you can reduce your risk on the road and limit your chances of needing car repair in Chicago by being proactive about preventing a car accident. Here are a few helpful tips.

    Eliminate Distractions

    In today’s world, there are distractions all around us. From buzzing cell phones to talkative friends, it’s easy to get distracted when you are driving. In order to stay safe, you should limit these distractions as best you can. Put your cell phone away as soon as you get into the car, resist the urge to play with your car radio, and ask passengers to keep it down while you are driving.

    Avoid Speeding

    When you speed in your vehicle, you run the risk of losing control of it and running into something. When this happens, you will need to have collision repair done, and you will not be able to drive your vehicle for at least a few weeks. Slow down when you are driving and maintain total control over your vehicle. You should always follow the speed limit that is posted on the road you are using.

    Stay Off the Road at Night

    Driving when it’s dark outside can be difficult, even for the most experienced of drivers. Obstacles in the road are obviously harder to see, animals are out at night and won’t be shy about trying to share the roadway with you, and the glare of other vehicles’ headlights will present a challenge. You increase your chances of getting into a wreck by driving after the sun goes does.

    B & L Automotive Repairs, Inc. is a body repair shop that can provide you with car collision repair. You should follow the tips listed above to keep yourself as safe as possible, but if you are ever involved in an accident, call (773) 463-1622 to obtain collision services.