• Protecting Your Car from Hail Damage

    While some insurance companies cover the cost of car repairs needed due to hail damage, it’s better to prevent the need for auto body repairs in the first place. Getting car repair quotes, dent repair, and car paint jobs can be a long process, and by preventing the damage in the first place, you can save time and stress. The best way to protect your car from hail damage is to always park it in a covered parking structure.

    You can also find temporary shelter in a parking garage if you are away from home and have reason to believe that a hailstorm is on the way. If you don’t have covered parking at your home and expect a hailstorm, you can eliminate the need for dent repairs by covering your car with blankets or a specialized hail car cover.

    If your car does sustain hail damage and you need a local auto body repair shop near Chicago, come see us at B & L Automotive Repairs, Inc. We offer precision auto body repairs at reasonable prices, including dent repair, bumper repair, and car paint jobs. To schedule an appointment for car dent removal, call us today at (773) 463-1622.

  • Keeping Track of Damage After an Accident

    If you want to guarantee that your insurance company, or the at-fault party’s insurance company, pays for your collision repairs after an accident, it’s important to document the damage that was done. After any car collision, whether it is serious or minor, you must keep track of the damage done to your car, and the auto body repairs that are needed. Here are some tips for keeping track of damage after a car collision.

    Take Photos and Make an Inventory of Damage

    After a car collision, photograph anything that was damaged, including the exterior and interior of the car. Take both long shots and close-ups of the damage, so that your insurance company can get a true sense of the car collision repairs that are needed. You should also write up an inventory of any personal property that was damaged in the car collision, and take photographs if necessary. This may include clothing, jewelry, cell phones, CD players, car seats, laptops and electronics, sunglasses, etc.

    Get Auto Body Repair Estimates from a Certified Collision Center

    Your insurance company is likely to request an estimate of the cost of your necessary car repairs. This quote should come from a certified collision center that specializes in collision services like dent repair, bumper repair, and car paint jobs. An insurance company will not cover the cost of an auto body repair that was not proven to be a result of a car collision, or that was not deemed necessary by a certified collision center.

    File a Claim with Your Insurance Company as Soon as Possible

    The sooner that you file a claim with your insurance company, the sooner you can begin taking the necessary steps to get your car repaired. Your insurance company will walk you through the process of documenting damage, getting car repair estimates, and completing your collision repairs.

    If you’re in need of professional car repairs near Chicago after a car collision, come see us at B & L Automotive Repairs, Inc. We have a team of highly trained and skilled collision repair experts who can walk you through every step of your car repair and restoration process. To find out how to get an estimate for your auto body repairs, call us today at (773) 463-1622.