• Reasons to Rely on B&L Automotive Repairs

    When you have been in a car collision and you need to repair your vehicle, it’s important to have a go-to body shop that you can depend on. B&L Automotive Repairs strives to be Chicago’s first choice for collision repair. Here are a few reasons to rely on B&L Automotive Repairs.

    The team at B&L Automotive understands that your car isn’t just a car—it’s an important part of your life, and you need it to stay in shape. That’s why we offer free estimates, 24-hour towing, and a wealth of other conveniences when you choose to work with us. We aim to help as many drivers as possible, and our team speaks Spanish and Polish. You will also find a comfortable waiting room and a play area for kids when you come to visit us.

    For more on how B&L Automotive Repairs can help you, feel free to stop by and see us or check out our website. We are extremely proud of our auto body repair shop in Chicago and happy to help you with your car collision repair needs. Call our offices at (773) 463-1622 to learn all about us today.

  • What You Can Do to Keep Your Car’s Paint Looking Great

    The appearance of your car might have been what sealed the deal for you, so be sure to take the right steps to preserve its cosmetic appeal. By parking in the right places, visiting your auto paint shop when necessary, and washing your vehicle regularly, you can set yourself up for success. Read on for more on what you can do to keep your car’s paint looking great.

    Park Smart

    Maintaining your car can mean a lot of different things, but the ultimate goal is to keep your vehicle in the best shape possible. In addition to changing your filters and rotating your tires, you should also understand where to park. It’s not a great idea to park your car under a tree if you just had it washed, as birds might still see your car as a target. You should also be careful about where you park your car when you’re out running errands; the parking spots nearest to the entrance of the department store are in high demand, but there’s plenty of traffic around there as well. Protect your paint job by parking a few spots away from others so stray grocery carts won’t find their way to your car.

    Seek Repair

    If you’ve been in any kind of car collision, head to the auto body shop for help. An auto paint shop can help fix up any kind of paint damage, and they’ll even make sure that the repaired paint looks just like your original paint job. Work with an auto paint shop that takes care of collision repair as well to expedite the repair process.

    Wash Regularly

    Don’t underestimate the power of a good car wash. Regular car washes can reveal the beautiful paint under the dirt and debris that have piled up on your car’s exterior.

    If you need help with your car paint job, don’t hesitate to call B&L Automotive Repairs at (773) 463-1622. Our auto paint shop in Chicago will keep your vehicle looking as fresh as possible. Visit our website or our body shop for more information about our services.

  • How to Handle Hydroplaning

    A car collision can happen for many reasons, and inclement weather conditions contribute to countless trips to the auto body repair shop each year. Watch this video on how to handle hydroplaning.

    Rain, ice, and other forms of precipitation that land on the road can mix with the oil and dust already on the pavement, which sets the stage for hydroplaning. This is most dangerous right after a rainfall before the oil and dust wash away, so try not to drive during the beginning of a storm. You should also do your best to refrain from panicking when your car hydroplanes. Calmly steer your vehicle towards a clear space so you can regain control without causing or sustaining any damage.

    Call B&L Automotive Repairs at (773) 463-1622 to learn about our precision auto body shop near Chicago. You can also visit our website for more on our car repair services.