• Advice for Driving Safely in Heavy Rain

    Heavy rains can create unsafe driving conditions in the road. This video from the Ford Motor Company provides drivers with essential safety tips for avoiding collisions during rainy weather conditions. To avoid hydroplaning, ease off of the accelerator and avoid braking suddenly. If rainy roads lead to an auto accident, a shop that offers collision repair will be there to help you.

    At B&L Automotive Repairs, Inc., our collision repair experts can provide you with auto body services, throughout every season of the year. If you have recently experienced a car collision near Chicago, do not wait to contact our body shop. For additional information about our auto body services, visit our website or call us at (773) 463-1622.

  • Why Choose Professional Auto Painting Services?

    Over time, your car’s paint job may start to show signs of fading, scratches, or other forms of damage. While it may seem tempting to repaint your vehicle using tools that you have around the house, performing DIY auto paint services can lead to further problems with your vehicle. An auto paint shop will have the equipment that is needed to achieve a perfect coat of paint on your car. Some reasons to always choose professional auto painting services include:

    Guaranteed Results

    A dedicated auto paint shop will have the tools required to match your car’s existing coat of paint. When you bring your car in for professional painting services, you will receive the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your car will look beautiful after it has been painted. If you are dissatisfied with your paint job for any reason, your technicians will correct the issue.

    Perfect Color Matching

    When a manufacturer initially paints a car, the company will use a product that is associated with a specific color paint code. However, auto paint can fade and change colors over the course of time. With professional painting services, you will guarantee that your newly painted area matches the rest of your car. Professional painting can help you avoid unsightly patches on your vehicle’s body.

    Ability to Customize

    Your car is an extension of your personality and style. If you want your car to make a bold impression on the road, consider asking your auto body facility about their custom painting services. By creating a fully customized paint job, you can transform your ordinary vehicle into a work of art.

    For answers to any questions that you may have about the cost to paint a car in Chicago, contact B&L Automotive Repairs, Inc. Our certified collision center is fully equipped with the painting tools and supplies that are needed to restore your vehicle’s paint. Give us a call at (773) 463-1622 to book an appointment at our popular auto paint shop.

  • How to Find an Auto Body Shop After an Accident

    The hours and days following an auto accident can be a stressful time for any driver. To get your car back on the road as quickly as possible, look for a collision repair shop that offers the best possible services. By working with your insurance company and reading local reviews, you can find a shop that provides the services that you need to fix your car. Let’s review some methods that you can use to find an auto body shop after an accident.

    Ask for Repair Estimates

    The first step of scheduling services at an auto body shop is to ask for an estimate for your repairs. To find a shop that will provide you with a fair price on your repairs, you can shop around and receive estimates from several different facilities. A shop that offers a fair price on your repairs will provide you with an affordable solution for fixing your car.

    Investigate Customer Reviews

    You can learn a great deal about a potential body shop by researching reviews and ratings from past customers. Many auto body shops have web pages where they share testimonials from their satisfied clients. If a body shop has rave reviews from lots of customers, it will certainly provide you with excellent services.

    Inquire About Industry Certifications

    The auto body repair industry is regulated by strict certifications and repair standards. Before you schedule services at a facility, consider asking about their industry certifications and credentials. A shop that has certifications from several organizations will use up to date equipment and best practices when repairing your vehicle.

    When you are searching for top rated auto body repair shops in Chicago, look no further than B & L Automotive Repairs, Inc. As a fully certified collision center, we are ready to provide you with expert car dent removal, as well as a range of other services. Give us a call at (773) 463-1622 to receive an estimate for your upcoming car repairs.

  • Do You Use These Defensive Driving Techniques?

    If you want to avoid the need for collision repair, you will need to take every step necessary to prevent an auto accident. Defensive driving is among the most effective strategies that drivers can use to stay safe and prevent collisions on the road. Some key defensive driving techniques include paying attention to potential hazards on the road, maintaining an acceptable following distance, and adjusting your speed of travel for various driving conditions. By relying on these defensive driving techniques, you can reduce your chances of getting involved in a car collision.

    When you are in need of car repair in Chicago, contact B&L Automotive Repairs, Inc. by calling (773) 463-1622. From minor bumper repair to major car collision repair, our technicians offer all of the services that are needed to restore your vehicle. We look forward to helping you return your vehicle to the condition that it was in before your accident.