What Are the Risks of Driving a Dented Car?

From neighboring car doors and stray shopping carts to hail and collisions, there are many hazards that can dent your vehicle. However, this type of problem may be more than a cosmetic one. If you’re wondering whether you should bring your vehicle to a local body shop for dent repair, then read on to learn about some potential risks of driving a dented car.

Rust Development

Dents and paint damage go hand in hand. If your vehicle’s dent is accompanied by damage to the paint, then consider addressing this problem sooner rather than later. While paint damage isn’t a cause for immediate alarm, driving this way for an extended period may allow rust to form and cause further damage to your car.

Unseen Damage

While you may see a dent in the car’s body, there may be hidden damage that can make driving risky. If your vehicle was dented in a collision, then there may be problems with the frame, transmission, or tires, for example, that can make driving unsafe. For this reason, it’s best to bring your car into a collision repair shop for an assessment after an accident, even if it was a minor one.

Lock Problems

Where a dent is located can determine whether it makes driving risky. For example, a dent in your car’s fender may not be an immediate problem, while one in the door should be fixed right away. Dents in a car’s door can affect the locking mechanism, potentially causing it either not to lock or get stuck in a locked position. Both issues can be dangerous in certain situations, so consider having your vehicle’s dented door repaired promptly.

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