FAQs About Dealing with Your Insurance Company After a Collision

If you’ve ever been in a car collision before, you understand just how scary of an experience it can be. It doesn’t end there, however, as you might need to deal with car repair and a claims process with your insurance company. Knowing how to react and taking down the right information at the scene can make life easier, but sometimes you end up needing a lawyer to resolve the accident damages. Read ahead for FAQs about dealing with your insurance company after a collision.

How can I make things easier on myself?

As soon as you’ve checked yourself, your passengers, and anyone else at the scene of the accident to make sure they’re okay, you should start documenting the scene. Use your phone to take pictures of any damage done to the exterior or interior of your vehicle, as well as injuries that you or your passengers have sustained. It might be a gut habit to apologize even if you didn’t do anything wrong, but you should never admit fault at the scene.

What kind of information do I need?

In addition to photographing the damages and injuries and documenting your initial reaction to the accident, you should collect information from anyone who was involved. Talk to the other drivers to get their personal information. Ask for names, best ways to contact the involved parties, and insurance information. You should also document the license plate numbers of each vehicle involved.

Do I need a lawyer?

You don’t always need a lawyer after a collision, but the service can certainly help. An attorney can be of use if severe damage has been done or if you have sustained a personal injury. It’s up to the insurance company to give you the money you need for car repair and medical bills, and a lawyer can make sure you’re treated fairly.

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