Three Common Signs of Bent Car Frames

Improper maintenance, neglect, and even normal wear and tear can weigh down your vehicle’s performance, so it’s no wonder that a minor car accident can have such a big impact on how your car or truck operates. If you notice uneven wear in your suspension and shocks or problems with your alignment, or if you can visually tell that your car frame is bent, take a trip to the auto body repair shop.

Uneven Wear

Balance is everything when it comes to automobiles, and there are ways to tell if your balance is off. When weight is evenly distributed, the different components of the vehicle wear out the same way. When it isn’t, you’ll see signs of uneven wear. If your suspension and shocks seem to be more worn down on one side than the other, you might have a bent car frame.

Improper Alignment

Pulling occurs when your vehicle’s alignment is off, and it causes your vehicle to stray away from a straight path. If you’re having trouble getting your vehicle to move in a straight line, you probably have alignment problems. This could be due to a bent car frame, especially if you have recently had your alignment checked. Stop by the auto body shop if this problem could be affecting your alignment.

Visual Bending

If you feel like there’s a problem with your vehicle, climb underneath it. Look at the frame and see if you notice any signs of damage, which might include angles and creases that don’t look natural. You should also look for rust spots, and take note of anything else that looks off. Be especially careful when climbing underneath your vehicle if you’ve recently been in a car collision, and ask your collision repair pros for help.

A bent car frame won’t get any better over time, unless you head to the auto body repair shop in Chicago to deal with the damage. If you’re involved in a car collision and you need auto body supplies or repairs, call B&L Automotive at (773) 463-1622 or stop by the shop today.

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