How Do You Know if Your Car Is Totaled?

When a car is losing its efficiency and requires more and more repairs, eventually you’ll ask yourself if the repairs are even worthwhile. A car is declared totaled when it will cost a disproportionate amount of money to bring it back to its original condition. This sometimes happens after a car collision, and your auto body repair shop can help you determine whether you should repair your car or consider it a total loss.

A totaled car is essentially a vehicle that would require too much money to repair. Some entities consider repairs that cost 60% of the vehicle’s market value to be the cutoff, while others go as high as 80%. To make this determination, a professional must disassemble the vehicle to get a complete picture of the damage. Then your insurance company will have a better understanding of how much damage occurred, what the nature of the damage was, and how much money it will take to restore the vehicle. If the cost of repairs is high enough compared the value of the car, it’s deemed totaled.

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