Questions to Ask About Your Collision Repair Estimate

Collision repair is a delicate process. If your car is your baby, you’ll want to ask the right questions before you hand it over to the body shop. The first step is to get an estimate, which is usually free and shouldn’t bind you to the company. Here’s the questions you should ask about your estimate to be sure you’re making an informed decision:

How much does an estimate cost?

When you bring your vehicle to your collision repair professionals, they’ll give you an estimate. This is an educated guess at how much it will cost to repair the vehicle based on the mechanic’s experience and knowledge of the industry. If you’re working with a reputable car repair company, you should get your estimate for free. Your collision repair professionals will figure out what’s been damaged and tell you about how much the repairs will cost you. The estimate itself, however, shouldn’t cost you anything.

Am I locked in after an estimate?

An estimate is just that. It’s not always a guarantee that the number you were told will be the actual cost of repairs, and you are free to research other car repair companies in the meantime. You are not obligated to undergo the repairs with a company if you don’t agree with the estimate or you simply can’t afford what the business is asking for.

How long does the whole process take?

The collision repair process takes time, and even the estimate portion of that process needs to be done carefully to make sure both sides come to a fair deal. Ask your auto body shop how long you should expect the entire process to take.

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