• Top Signs That Your “Minor Collision” Really Did Cause Auto Damage

    Not all car collisions are life-threatening, and some might not seem to do any damage to your vehicle. Just to be safe, you should bring it into the body shop to make sure everything looks okay. Fluid leaks, the check engine light, and problems with your electrical system may all indicate that you need tuning up. Ahead we look at the top signs that you suffered some auto damage in a collision.

    The Vehicle Leaks

    There is never a healthy reason for your car or truck to be leaking fluids. If you see liquid stains on your driveway or parking spot when you pull your vehicle out, then there’s an issue to be addressed. Leaking oil or transmission fluid is bad for your vehicle in many ways, so set up an appointment with your body shop as soon as you can. A lack of transmission fluid can even burn up your transmission and sideline your car, and timely repair is crucial.

    Your Check Engine Light Is On

    If you’ve been in a car accident that seemed like it was only a minor collision, you should still be extra careful when driving. There could be problems with your internal systems that you haven’t recognized, which is why you should look to your dashboard to make sure your ride is still okay. If your check engine light or another warning light is on, the collision may have caused some damage that you wouldn’t have otherwise noticed, so visit the body shop for repair.

    The Electronics Malfunction

    Your exterior and interior lights help you see what you’re doing when driving at night, and they make it easier for other drivers to notice you on the road. Unfortunately, these components are some of the most likely to malfunction after a minor accident, so always get them checked out if you sustain a collision.

    Some vehicles can take real damage before they stop functioning the right way, but it’s always smart to visit your body shop near Chicago after a car collision. B&L Automotive is a body shop that specializes in collision repair, and you can call us at (773) 463-1622 for information.

  • Here’s What You Need to Know About Black Ice

    If you’re not accustomed to driving in inclement weather, you should know about some obstacles that you’ll want to stay away from. All it takes is one patch of black ice to end up in a collision, and you’ll have to pay the auto body repair shop a visit afterwards. Here’s what you need to know about black ice.

    Hitting a patch of ice on the road can be scary, but you can usually see it well enough to avoid it. Black ice is tricky because it’s completely clear, so it’s difficult to notice it until you’re already skidding out. You’re more likely to encounter black ice when it’s raining and the air is at or below the freezing point. Precipitation can freeze as it hits the ground, or runoff from snow can refreeze and also cause black ice. Leave extra space between yourself and other vehicles in bad weather to avoid an accident.

    Black ice is the cause of many accidents, but our auto body repair shop in Chicago can be the solution. Come to B&L Automotive if you’ve been in a car collision and need auto body repair. Call our office at (773) 463-1622 to learn more about us.

  • The Precision Technology of Computerized Paint Matching

    Finding the perfect match for your car’s paint job requires some expert knowledge. Paint matching is a meticulous process, but modern technology makes it a little bit easier. Watch this video for a look at the precision technology of computerized paint matching.

    There’s more to color matching than finding a paint sample and layering it onto the car. Paint pigment changes based on conditions like the temperature, humidity, and how quickly it’s allowed to dry. Metallic colors look different and darker when paint is wet, and aluminum metallic and effect pearls have effects of their own. Computerized paint matching achieves the closest match possible to your existing paint job.

    It’s harder than you think to match a car paint job near Chicago, but the crew at B&L Automotive knows what it’s doing. Check out our website or call (773) 463-1622 to talk to someone from our auto paint shop.

  • Track Your Collision Repair Status with Carwise

    It’s not easy to experience a car collision. On top of recovering from any physical injuries you sustained during the accident, you’ll have to deal with your insurance company as well as find collision repair services to restore your vehicle. It’s easier to stick to your plan when you’re kept in the loop, and Carwise can help.

    Banging up your car in an accident is frustrating enough in itself and wondering what the vehicle’s condition is only adds to the stress. When you use Carwise, you can follow along with your collision repair progress. This way you’ll know when your vehicle is ready for use again, which is even more important if you don’t have another car or truck to use in the meantime. You can even look at photographs of your vehicle as it goes through the repair process, and all you need to access them is your phone number.

    Getting on top of collision repair near Chicago makes your vehicle safer and prevents additional problems from building up, so call B&L Automotive at (773) 463-1622 to get your car or truck in working order again. If you’ve been in a recent car collision, see our services on our website.