• Diagnosing Post-Accident Electrical Problems

    Sometimes, after a car collision, the worst damage isn’t visible from the outside. Electrical problems can occur during an accident and cause problems that impact your ability to use your car. The signs of an electrical problem may not be immediately obvious, which is one more reason that choosing an experienced car collision repair shop matters after an accident. Here is what you need to know about identifying electrical problems after an accident.

    Electrical problems are more common than ever after accidents.

    Today’s cars have increasingly complex electrical systems. Even base model cars have complicated systems that were once only found in luxury models. The increase in electrical systems in cars means that electrical damage is more common after accidents. When you choose an auto repair shop, make sure that they have the appropriate training to evaluate and repair electrical systems.

    A physical inspection offers some clues.

    You may be able to identify electrical problems before your car even gets to the repair shop. Look under your hood for signs of unplugged wires. In some cases, reconnecting a wire is the only repair that needs to be made. The fuse box is located near the front fender in most cars, which means it is prone to accident damage. Look for any signs of damage to the box, so you can report it to your repair shop.

    Only thorough testing can make an accurate diagnosis.

    You may notice some signs of electrical problems as you drive, but the only way to know for sure if there are any issues is to allow your auto collision repair shop to test your system. Your auto body shop has devices to test conductivity problems, connection issues, and more, and they can identify problems before any symptoms occur. This allows you to get your damage fixed at the same time that your other repair needs are being addressed.

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  • Is a Car Totaled If the Frame Is Damaged?

    It’s common for frame damage to occur during an accident. One of the reasons that it is important to take your car to an experienced auto body shop for repairs is so frame damage does not go unnoticed, even if it is minor. Fixing frame damage can prevent significant issues in the future for your car, long after your insurance coverage for your accident repairs has been paid out. However, when people hear frame damage, they often get scared that it means that their car is totaled. Is your car really a write-off if the frame is damaged?

    Frame damage alone doesn’t mean your car is totaled. The severity of the frame damage is the fact that makes the most difference. Insurance companies use a specific formula for deciding when cars are totaled that broadly weighs the cost of car repairs versus the value of the car. If repairs are going to cost more than the value of the car, no matter what the type of damage is, then the car is totaled. If your insurance company wants to pay for frame damage repairs, make sure you select a reputable auto body shop to do the job.

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  • What Is CCC Autobody Systems?

    When you need professional car repairs, choosing an auto body shop that uses CCC Autobody Systems is a good start. This system detects damage with pinpoint accuracy so that repairs can be made with increased precision. CCC Autobody Systems uses artificial intelligence to develop smarter and more efficient strategies for detecting and making repairs. Watch this video to learn more about CCC Autobody Systems.

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  • Will an Accident Void My Warranty?


    If you need car repairs after an accident, one of your major concerns may be if your warranty is now voided because of the collision. Every warranty is different, so it’s important to check your specific agreement to see the terms of your protection. Here is what you need to know.

    Generally, being in a car accident does not void a warranty. Usually, warranties are only voided after an accident if the car is declared a complete loss and given a salvage title. However, where you get your collision repairs done matters. In some instances, parts used during the car repair process may be considered inappropriate under the terms of your warranty, thus voiding the agreement. Before your repairs are done, make sure you choose a certified collision center and discuss how to get your car fixed without violating any part of your warranty.

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