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I was absolutely amazed by this company

I was absolutely amazed by this company. Not only did the an actual person answer the phone, but everyone with whom I interacted showed the highest degree of customer service. I hope I don't need them again, but if I do I would not hesitate to trust my car to B and L. I have and will continue to recommend this company. I taught customer service for over 10 years and this company would pass with flying colors.

Rose Ann Cope Rose Ann Cope April 24, 2014

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All of you operate at the highest level of professionalism. …

Pete, Gino, & John, Thank all of you for making me feel welcome to your Place of business. All of you operate at the highest level of professionalism. The caliber of work you do is second to none. "The Best" Our car looks GREAT! Thank You!

Ken Janusz Jr. Ken Janusz Jr. February 26, 2014

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I walked around the car it seemed like 10 times. It really …

I was involved in an accident where major repair work was needed. I scheduled my appointment with B&L to bring my car in the following week. The day after I scheduled my appointment, crazy enough my car got broken into and the passenger side glass was shattered. Very upset, I called back B&L to see if they could possibly get me in sooner. Without hesitation - after expressing their apologies about my latest situation - they told me to bring my car in right away. I was so relieved and appreciative that they cared about my situation, told me not to worry and said they will take great care of me. And did they ever!

When I took my car in the next morning, Gino (one of the owners) looked at my car and gave me his assurance that my car – which was in need of a great deal of body repair - would look like new. My car had taken quite a beating from the accident and from having to park on the street, so I really didn’t think that was possible. Pete & Kim, the other co-owners, were so kind and took time to introduce themselves to me as well. I really felt like I took my car to the right place.

Kimmie, the office manager, handled all of the paperwork and coordinated my rental car pick-up & delivery with Enterprise Rent-A-Car. I didn’t have to do a thing. And she was so pleasant an accommodating. During the time my car was in the shop, I received frequent repair status update calls from Agata and Kimmie letting me know what stage my car repairs were in. The level of communication, friendliness and service at this point was phenomenal. It gets better.

Only 10 days later, on a Friday, I get a call from Agata saying my car was ready. I couldn’t believe it. The work wasn’t supposed to be completed for three weeks. I was excited but told them I couldn’t get there from my downtown office until 6pm (they close at 5:00pm). They said they would wait for me and insisted it was not going to be an inconvenience. So I arrive at B&L at just before 6p and my car is waiting for me in their customer parking lot. There it was, shined & waxed, absolutely perfect! I walked around the car it seemed like 10 times. It really was perfect. Then I got inside my car….

They did a complete detail and even shampooed the carpet! My car was truly brand new inside and out! I couldn’t wait to drive it. Pete & Gino were there with me as I gushed and insisted I get pictures with the both of them so I can put them on my Facebook page. What they did for me was ‘that’ special. I met with Kimmie to complete the repair paperwork (she was still there after 6pm!) and then Pete came over and gave me a gift bag with some really cool stuff in it. What a great touch!

I would unequivocally recommend B&L to anyone who has Collision Repair needs. They do amazing body repair work (they have a Lifetime Warranty) and have people who provide superior communication and customer service. Love these guys!!!! Thank you B&L!

Rhonda Gaudreau Rhonda Gaudreau January 12, 2014

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I can’t recommend these guys enough

Everyone you’ll encounter here is exceptionally nice from the receptionist to the managerial staff to the detailers to guys who aren’t even working on your car. And they don’t nickel and dime you here either. Brian talked me through everything my accident had done to my car–things I hadn’t even noticed and let me know what I could probably live without repairing (e.g., bumper scratches because, let’s face it, I live in the city and that’s just a fact of life here).

The repairs were quick and as affordable as they could possibly be for someone paying out-of-pocket, and the morning I dropped off my car, they were nice enough to give me a ride to work because it was pouring rain out.

I can’t recommend these guys enough. They’ve been around for decades, and they treat you like they want to be around even longer.

Laurel H. Laurel H. December 3, 2013

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Hands down the best work I’ve seen and by far

So my experience with B&L was incredible! Hands down the best work I’ve seen and by far the most welcoming and comfortable automotive repair place I’ve ever been in. Brian was the guy that worked on my car the first time, he was honest, to the point, and extremely nice… you would think that a girl walking into an auto body repair place wouldn’t stand a chance? NOT in this place… He talked TO ME not AT ME.

So I recently got into an accident (not my fault) and I already knew where I wanted to go for repairs. After filing the police report I went straight to B&L and they took care of everything for me! Brian did all the paperwork, took photos, and quoted me in 15-20min. During that time, I was in the waiting room where the kind receptionist offered me coffee They also offered me pizza when it arrived haha

All in all I’d say B&L was so awesome they made getting car repairs feel like a piece of cake and painless… and trust me I am not rich by any stretch of the means… best perk is that they’re affordable! You can’t go wrong with an affordable family run business. ASK FOR BRIAN! And trust me, he’s a teddy bear

Rose L. Rose L. November 25, 2013

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